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Can I have a Themed Party Inside a Bubble House?

Bubble house parties are an innovative way to create unforgettable memories for guests of all ages. These inflatable domes provide a unique and versatile venue, perfect for hosting themed celebrations that stand out from the rest.

Whether you're planning a birthday bash, family reunion, or simply a fun gathering with friends, transforming your bubble house into a captivating world tailored to your chosen theme will ensure an unforgettable experience.

Here are some popular and imaginative bubble house party themes that will delight your guests and make your event truly special.

Dive into the Deep Blue Sea

Transform your bubble house into an underwater wonderland. Use blue and green lighting to create an oceanic atmosphere, and decorate with seaweed streamers, fish cutouts, and inflatable sea creatures.

Enhance the theme with a bubble machine and host a mermaid or pirate costume contest for added fun.

If you're concerned about weather conditions affecting your event, read our article on events during rainy or windy seasons.

Blast Off to Space

Take your guests on a galactic adventure with a space-themed party. Adorn the bubble house with glow-in-the-dark stars, planets, and spaceship props.

Use black lights and neon colors to create a cosmic setting. Encourage guests to dress as astronauts, aliens, or their favorite space characters, and consider using a telescope or planetarium projector for an educational twist.

Fairy Tale Forest

Bring the enchantment of a magical forest to your bubble house. Decorate with green and brown elements to mimic a woodland setting, adding fairy lights, artificial trees, and moss for authenticity.

Have guests dress as fairies, elves, or woodland creatures, and plan activities like a scavenger hunt for magical items or a storytelling session featuring classic fairy tales.

Carnival Fun Fair

Recreate the thrill of a carnival inside your bubble house. Set up classic carnival games like ring toss, bean bag toss, and a mini prize booth.

Decorate with vibrant colors, balloons, and carnival banners. Serve traditional carnival snacks like popcorn, cotton candy, and hot dogs, and consider hiring a clown, magician, or face painter for extra entertainment.

Learn more about the factors influencing the cost of marquee rentals to stay within budget.

Tropical Hawaiian Luau

Turn your bubble house into a tropical oasis with a Hawaiian luau theme. Decorate with leis, tiki torches, and palm trees, using bright colors like pink, orange, and green to set the mood.

Play Hawaiian music, teach guests how to hula dance, and serve tropical drinks in coconut cups alongside a selection of Hawaiian dishes like pineapple skewers and poi.

Red Carpet Hollywood

Roll out the red carpet and give your guests a taste of Hollywood glamour. Decorate the bubble house with gold and black accents, movie posters, and a faux red carpet entrance.

Set up a photo booth with props like sunglasses, feather boas, and clapperboards. Encourage guests to dress as their favorite movie stars or in formal attire, and screen classic films or create a movie trivia game for added fun.

Sports Arena

Create a mini sports stadium inside your bubble house for an energetic and competitive party. Choose a specific sport or mix several together. Decorate with team banners, pennants, and inflatable sports equipment.

Set up stations for activities like mini soccer, basketball shootouts, or a home run derby. Encourage guests to wear their favorite team jerseys and provide snacks like pretzels, nachos, and sports drinks.

Hero Headquarters

Turn your bubble house into a superhero headquarters where guests can unleash their inner heroes. Decorate with comic book art, superhero logos, and capes. Set up obstacle courses or challenges that test strength, agility, and problem-solving skills.

Have guests dress as their favorite superheroes and offer face painting to complete their costumes. Create a superhero training academy with different stations for various hero skills.

Snowy Wonderland

Bring the magic of a winter wonderland to your bubble house, no matter the season. Use white and blue decor to create a frosty atmosphere, and add fake snow, snowflakes, and icicle lights.

Encourage guests to dress in cozy winter attire or as characters from winter-themed stories like "Frozen." Plan activities like a snowball toss (using soft, plush snowballs), ice skating (with a faux ice rink), or a hot cocoa bar.

Retro Disco Fever

Take a trip back in time with a retro disco party. Decorate with disco balls, neon lights, and colorful streamers. Play classic disco hits and encourage guests to come dressed in 70s attire with bell bottoms, platform shoes, and flashy accessories.

Set up a dance floor and host a dance-off or a disco-themed karaoke session. Serve retro snacks like fondue, deviled eggs, and Jello molds.

Each of these themes can be tailored to fit your budget and space, making bubble house parties a versatile and exciting option for any celebration.

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, family reunion, or simply a fun gathering with friends, a themed bubble house party is sure to be a hit!

Frequently Asked Question

How do I choose the right theme for my bubble house party?

Consider the interests and preferences of your guests. Think about the age group, the occasion, and any specific themes that might resonate with them. Once you have a few ideas, consider how each theme can be executed within the bubble house space.

Can I combine multiple themes for my bubble house party?

Yes, combining themes can create a unique and exciting experience. For example, you can merge a space theme with a superhero theme to create an "Intergalactic Hero" party.

How much does it cost to decorate a bubble house for a themed party?

The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the theme and the decorations required. You can keep costs down by DIY-ing some decorations and using items you already have. Renting or borrowing props can also be a cost-effective option.

What activities can I plan for a bubble house party?

Activities should align with your chosen theme. For example, a carnival theme can include games like ring toss and bean bag toss, while a superhero theme can feature obstacle courses and strength challenges. Consider age-appropriate activities and ensure they fit comfortably within the bubble house.

How can I ensure the safety of guests in a bubble house?

Always follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines for setting up and using the bubble house. Make sure the bubble house is securely anchored, and supervise children at all times. Limit the number of guests inside the bubble house to avoid overcrowding.


Hosting a bubble house party with a creative theme is a fantastic way to make any celebration extraordinary. From underwater adventures and cosmic journeys to fairy tale forests and retro discos, the possibilities are endless.

By tailoring your decorations, activities, and attire to your chosen theme, you can create a unique and immersive experience that your guests will remember for years to come.

So pick a theme, get creative, and get ready to throw a bubble house party that's truly out of this world!

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