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Are there Different Sizes of Selfie Photo Booth Rentals Available?

In the age of Instagram and instant gratification, capturing memories in a fun, engaging way is a must for any event. Selfie photo booth rentals have skyrocketed in popularity, offering a modern twist on the classic photo booth experience.

But did you know that these booths come in a variety of sizes to suit different events and venues? Whether you’re planning a cozy birthday party or a lavish corporate gala, there’s a selfie photo booth that’s just the right fit.

Let’s dive into the various sizes available and find out which one is perfect for your next celebration.

1. Compact Booths

Perfect for smaller events or venues with limited space, compact selfie photo booths are designed to be unobtrusive yet still deliver the full fun experience.

These typically measure around 2-3 feet in width and depth and can comfortably fit 1-2 people at a time. They’re great for:

House parties: Ideal for creating personal, memorable moments in a cozy environment.

Small weddings: Perfect for intimate settings where guests can take a break and snap some fun photos.

Corporate meetings: Adds a fun element to otherwise serious gatherings, breaking the ice among attendees.

Birthday celebrations: Provides an entertaining activity for guests, young and old.


Portability: Easy to set up and relocate if needed.

User-friendly: Simple interfaces that guests can easily operate.

High-quality prints: Despite their size, these booths often provide excellent photo quality.

Digital sharing: Instant social media sharing options.

For space-saving ideas for outdoor events, check out this guide on choosing a marquee.

Compact Booths

2. Standard Booths

The most common size, standard selfie photo booths strike a balance between space and capacity. These booths generally measure around 4-5 feet in width and depth, allowing for group photos of up to 4-6 people. They’re ideal for:

Weddings: Capture the joy and excitement of the big day with group shots.

Corporate events: Great for team-building and capturing professional yet fun memories.

Reunions: Perfect for large groups wanting to capture nostalgic moments.

Festivals: Attracts crowds with its spacious design and high-quality photos.


Backdrop options: Choose from a variety of themed backdrops.

Props and accessories: Fun props to enhance the photo experience.

Photo customization: Branded photo strips or custom templates.

Interactive screens: Touch screens for easy navigation and photo-taking.

3. Open-Air Booths

For those looking to accommodate larger groups or simply prefer a more open setup, open-air booths are a fantastic option. These booths don’t have walls, offering more flexibility with the space.

They often come with a backdrop or green screen and can fit as many people as you can squeeze into the frame. They are perfect for:

Large weddings: Ideal for group photos without feeling cramped.

Company parties: Encourages team participation and fun.

Proms: Allows for large group shots of friends dressed in their best.

Charity events: Attracts attention and adds a fun element to fundraising activities.


Backdrop variety: From elegant to fun themes, matching your event’s decor.

Green screen technology: Allows for customizable backgrounds.

Unlimited prints: Often comes with unlimited photo printing options.

Digital copies: Guests can receive digital copies via email or social media.

Open-Air Booths

4. Enclosed Booths

Enclosed selfie photo booths offer a bit more privacy and a nostalgic feel, similar to the traditional photo booths you might find at a mall. These booths are typically 5-6 feet in width and depth and can fit up to 4 people. They’re great for:

Formal events: Provides a private, classy photo experience.

School dances: Adds a fun, nostalgic touch to prom or homecoming.

Anniversaries: Allows couples and small groups to capture intimate moments.

Themed parties: Enhances the event's theme with a private photo space.


Privacy: Enclosed space for guests to feel comfortable and playful.

High-quality prints: Professional-grade photos with customizable templates.

Touch screen interface: Easy to use with instant photo print options.

Sound and lighting: Enhanced sound and lighting for perfect shots.

5. Mirror Booths

Mirror booths add a touch of elegance and technology to your event. These full-length mirrors are interactive and often larger, with dimensions around 6 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.

They provide ample room for individuals and groups to pose and interact with the booth’s features. They’re a hit at:

High-end weddings: Adds a glamorous and modern touch.

Corporate galas: Sophisticated design suitable for upscale events.

Fashion shows: Mirrors complement the stylish atmosphere.

Luxury events: Perfect for creating high-class photo experiences.


Interactive touch screen: Full-length mirror with touch capabilities.

Animations and games: Engaging animations to entertain guests.

High-resolution prints: Crisp, high-quality photo outputs.

Customizable designs: Branded overlays and templates for personalization.

6. Custom Booths

Some rental companies offer custom-sized booths to fit unique event needs. Whether it’s a giant booth for a big festival or a uniquely shaped one for a themed event, custom booths can be tailored to match your specifications.


Tailored dimensions: Customizable to fit your event space pefectly.

Unique designs: Match the booth’s look to your event’s theme.

Special features: Incorporate unique props, backdrops, or interactive elements.

Personalized branding: Ideal for corporate events needing specific branding.

Custom Booths

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Size

Venue Space: Ensure you have enough room for the booth and the guests who will be using it. Measure the space and compare it with the booth’s dimensions.

Guest Count: Larger groups might require an open-air or larger booth to accommodate everyone comfortably. Consider how many people will want to take group photos.

Event Type: Formal events might benefit from the enclosed or mirror booths, while casual parties might be better suited for open-air or standard booths. Think about the atmosphere and style of your event.

Budget: Larger and more advanced booths might come with a higher rental fee. Ensure the booth fits within your event budget while still meeting your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the smallest size available for selfie photo booths?

Compact selfie photo booths are the smallest, typically measuring around 2-3 feet in width and depth, perfect for small venues and intimate gatherings.

How many people can fit in a standard selfie photo booth?

Standard selfie photo booths can comfortably fit 4-6 people at a time, making them ideal for medium-sized events.

What’s the difference between an open-air booth and an enclosed booth?

Open-air booths don’t have walls, offering more flexibility and accommodating larger groups, while enclosed booths provide a private, nostalgic photo experience similar to traditional mall photo booths.

Are there customizable photo booth options available?

Yes, some rental companies offer custom-sized booths to fit unique event needs, including tailored dimensions, unique designs, and personalized branding.

Do mirror booths take up a lot of space?

Mirror booths are typically around 6 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. They add a touch of elegance and interactive technology, suitable for high-end events.

Can I use an open-air booth for a formal event?

Absolutely! Open-air booths can be customized with elegant backdrops and props to match the formality and style of your event.


With a variety of sizes and styles available, selfie photo booth rentals can be tailored to suit any event perfectly. Whether you need something small and intimate or large and luxurious, there's a photo booth out there to match your vision and venue. So, strike a pose and let the fun begin!

If you need more specific information or want to explore options for your upcoming event, don't hesitate to reach out to local rental companies.

They can provide detailed guidance and help you choose the perfect selfie photo booth to make your event unforgettable.

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